How to Get Your php.ini Path with SuPHP

You can specify which php.ini file is used within a certain directory if you have multiple php.ini files.

To do this, edit your .htaccess file located in the directory you wish to use and add the following .htaccess code:

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Optimization and tuning of the threads in MYSQL.

So. As it is known, mysqld it “one process – is a lot of threads”.In approached enough understanding thread it when process copies itself, and parental process transfers to threads what that a task for the decision.

Creation thread differs from usual fork () basically that fork generates +1 process whereas division on threads uses other, more productive technology of branching without cloning of the data in memory.

At each connection of the client, mysql creates thread which this connection processes.

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Create root privilege user on MySQL server.

MySQL root privileges user is “root”, I always remove “root” userid once I got MySQL installed, mainly for security purpose, secondly I do not want stupid thing happened like someone able to brute force into MySQL database.

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