IPTABLES: dangerous vulnerability (CVE-2014-2523) DCCP

Vulnerable section of code existed in Linux since version 2.6.26 (July 2008) to 3.13 inclusive. Despite the fact that the correction was made in early January 2014 (and included in Linux 3.14-RC1), the problem has been reported as a vulnerability only on Monday. The release of patches for popular distributions can be traced to the following pages: Fedora / RHEL, SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu.

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Getting type of engine of Mysql’s tables.

[root@server ~]# mysql -u root -pXXXXX -e 'select table_schema,table_name,engine from tables' information_schema
| table_schema       | table_name                            | engine |
| information_schema | CHARACTER_SETS                        | MEMORY |
| information_schema | COLLATIONS                            | MEMORY |
| information_schema | COLUMNS                               | MyISAM |

Changing PHP Memory Limit : 3 ways

If you have seen an error like ”Fatal Error: __PHP Allowed Memory Size Exhausted” in apache logs or in your browser, this means that PHP has exhausted the maximum memory limit. This post will show 3 different ways on how you can increase the php memory limit and also explain when you should use them.

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