VIRSH:KVM – Запуск удаленного доступа VNC для гостевых операционных систем

Method # 1: Command Line Option

Normally, QEMU (/usr/libexec/qemu-kvm) uses SDL to display the VGA output. With the -vnc option option, you can have QEMU listen on VNC display display and redirect the VGA display over the VNC session. When using the VNC display, you must use the -k parameter to set the keyboard layout if you are not using en-us. Valid syntax for the display is as follows:

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VIRSH:KVM – Перемещение дисков в другое хранилище

Migration of disks around is part of the life cycle of a guest. Disks in the storage pools (local or network) may fail or fill up due to bad capacity management. Ordinarily, one would have to shut down the guest, copy the storage volume file elsewhere (if it is a file), wait, update xML configuration, and launch it again. However, in mission-critical enterprises, this may not always be possible.

To get the source path, need check XML configuration file or storage volume. This requires to know which storage pool in use.

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Ganeti bug when you try to use special pool and special client for mounting RBD images from special CEPH cluster.

You can get error message in process work ganeti iwth private ceph cluster, when ganeti must use special pool and special user name. I suppose you already know how add environment for rbd in code of python of ganeti, so as ganeti is very poor guy in this context.

Ganeti tries to parse shell output from command of ‘rbd shomapped’. Child style of coders of google. LOL. And of course is using wrong parameter.

Sun Oct 15 07:29:03 2017 * disk 0, size 25.0G
Sun Oct 15 07:29:03 2017 * creating instance disks...
Sun Oct 15 07:29:07 2017  - WARNING: Device creation failed
Failure: command execution error:
Can't create block device <Disk(type=rbd, logical_id=('rbd',
children=None, visible as /dev/disk/0,
size=25600m)> on node for
instance Can'
t create block device:
rbd showmapped failed (exited with exit code 1):
rbd: unrecognised option '-p'

and of course here is place where is bug:

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How to set environment variables in systemd service for Ganeti with some cluster of CEPH!

Best practices:

The current best way to do this is to run ‘systemctl edit service’, which will create an override file for you or let you edit an existing one.

In normal installations this will create a directory /etc/systemd/system/service.service.d, and inside that directory create a file whose name ends in .conf (typically, override.conf), and in this file you can add to or override any part of the unit shipped by the distribution.

For instance:

# systemctl edit ganeti-noded
>>> in vim env you can see
>>> "/etc/systemd/system/ganeti-noded.service.d/.#override.conf6940d208e8dfaced" 0L, 0C

Content may be any, for example:

# cat /etc/systemd/system/ganeti-noded.service.d/override.conf

Also note that if the directory exists and is empty, your service will be disabled! If you don’t intend to put something in the directory, ensure that it does not exist.

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