Backup of Directories, version 3.5 – perl script for backup copies of directories of sites of WEB server.

Example of configuration:

work directory:


file of configuration of site: site.cfg

# Amount of full backups
$max_backups = 3;

# tag of file name
$tagname = 'SITENAME';

# where will be stored
$workdir = '/backups/files/SITENAME';

# what and from where
$dir = '/home/SITENAME|public_html';

Example of cron task for archives (with option –full for first call):

file /etc/cron.daily/backups


# optional mysql backup
/usr/local/bin/automysqlbackup -b -c /etc/automysqlbackup/

# (option --full need for first call)
/etc/file_backup/ --config-file=/etc/file_backup/SITENAME.cfg 

Download, version 3.5 : files_backup.tar.gz

AutoMysqlbackup script version 3.0_rc6: automysqlbackup-v3.0_rc6.tar

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