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How do I generate a CSR code?

CSR code has to be generated on side of the company that provides hosting services for site that you want to secure with SSL certificate. Which means that your hosting company is the one that should generate a CSR code upon your request.

If you decide to generate a CSR code yourself or if your hosting company advises you to do so, then please follow the CSR generation instructions provided by Certification Authorities. Click on name of certificate that you would like to activate to get to article on the CSR generation for it.

CSR code should have 2048-bit key size.

Important Note!

Installation of SSL certificate requires dedicated IP address to be assigned to your site. You should check with your hosting company if they provide you with dedicated IP address for free or if you are to pay them for it. This should be checked prior to activation of SSL certificate for you to avoid any issues with SSL certificate installation.

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