Areca RAID Controller set password

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There is cli64 tool which allow you to set different parameters, but don’t expect your first experience with that tool to be easy.

CLI> sys showcfg
GuiErrMsg<0x08>: Password Required.

Usually nobody knows it. You may find default user/pass for this card is admin/0000 but you still have to enter it somewhere. Let me show you the trick:

set password=0000
GuiErrMsg<0x00>: Success.

Now you’re fine! Note, you don’t need user name ever.

CLI> sys info
The System Information
Main Processor : 1200MHz
CPU ICache Size : 32KB
CPU DCache Size : 32KB
CPU SCache Size : 512KB
System Memory : 512MB/533MHz/ECC
Firmware Version : V1.45 2008-06-13
BOOT ROM Version : V1.45 2008-04-29
Serial Number : ***********
Controller Name : ARC-1680
Current IP Address : 192.**********
GuiErrMsg<0x00>: Success.

Another useful command is hw info that gives you current status of your card

CLI> hw info
The Hardware Monitor Information
[Controller H/W Monitor]
CPU Temperature : 47 C
Controller Temp. : 42 C
CPU Fan : 2518 RPM
12V : 11.916 V
5V : 5.053 V
3.3V : 3.296 V
DDR-II +1.8V : 1.840 V
PCI-E +1.8V : 1.824 V
CPU +1.8V : 1.824 V
CPU +1.2V : 1.216 V
DDR-II +0.9V : 0.912 V
Battery Status : Not Installed
[Enclosure#1 : ARECA SAS RAID AdapterV1.0]

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